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With Sherry Herring catering platters and packages, you can bring the wonders of Sherry's kitchen into your home, office, or social gathering. Our amazing team will hand-slice herring and  smoked fish and prepare platters of our sandwiches and appetizing - so that you can serve your guests with ease.


Our menus feature our famous classic sandwiches and appetizing including: superior dutch herring, wild smoked tuna, wild salmon, our famous homemade whitefish salad and other appetizing along to classic desserts such as babka, and halvah. 


Our menus designed to a variety of breakfast, daytime, or evening events.

Platters can be picked-up at the shop, or we can deliver them by courier to all five boroughs of New York City. Currently they can not be shipped.


Please call or E-mail Alex to place your catering order: (646) 520-7684 /

Three days advance notice is required on all catering orders, except for shivas.



Let us cater your next office party. Make it healthy, make it tasty, make it kosher! 

Serves 20 - 25 ppl (60 buns total) 

  • Herring mini buns (Matjes herring, butter, onion, scallion, sour cream, cherry tomato juice and chili) 

  • Homemade Chipotle smoked tuna mini buns (smoked tuna, mayo, chipotle paste) 

  • Smoked salmon mini buns (Smoked salmon, butter, onion, scallion, cucumber, sour cream, and chili) 

  • Smoked Tuna mini buns (Smoked Tuna, Mayo, cherry tomato, cucumber, onion, scallion, and chili) 

  • Sardines mini buns (Sardines in olive oil, butter, onion, scallion, cherry tomato juice, lemon, and chili) 

  • Vegetarian mini buns (Philly cream cheese, tomato, cucumber onion, scallion, and chili)

  • Vegetarian white fishless mini buns (Onion, scallion, radish, capers, lemon, mayo, and chili) 



  • Israeli Chopped Salad (serves 12ppl) 

(Tomato, cucumber, onion, lemon, olive oil, salt, pepper) 

  • Caesar Salad (serves 12ppl) 

(Fresh romaine lettuce, homemade Caesar dressing, croutons, anchovies, parmesan cheese, salt, pepper) 


Please notify the team of any allergies. 


Price: $395


• Nothing beats a good weekend brunch; Available every day!

• Serves 12 ppl 

  • 12 Assorted Bagels 

  • 1 pound Atlantic smoked salmon 

  • ½ pound Norwegian smoked salmon 

  • ½ pound Chipotle smoked tuna salad 

  • ½ pound White fish salad 

  • ½ pound Cream cheese 

  • ½ pound scallion cream cheese 

  • Sliced tomato, onion 

  • 6oz capers  


  • Sweet: Chocolate babka 

We can have the bagels made for you if you want it on the go!


Price: $175


• Serves 12 ppl 

  • 2 pound Matjes Herring (10 fillets) 

  • 1 pound Herring in cream (5 fillets) 

  • 1 pound Scottish pickled herring (5 fillets) 

  • ½ pound Chipotle smoked tuna salad 

  • ½ pound White fish salad 

  • ½ pound Sour Cream 

  • ½ pound Atklantic smoked salmon 

  • 1 Challah Bread 

  • Baguette crostini 4 bags (48pc) 

  • Israeli pickles 

  • Chimichurri olives 


  • Sweet: Chocolate babka 


Price: $265


  •  Matjes Herring (2 fillets prepared with onion, bay leaves, peppercorns, canola oil) - $12.95

  •  Schmaltz Herring (2 fillets prepared with onion, bay leaves, peppercorns, canola oil) - $12.95

  •  Scandinavian Fillets (Cinnamon style -2 fillets prepared with onion, bay leaves, canola oil) - $12.95

  •  Scottish Pickled Herring (2 fillets prepared with onion, bay leaves, brine) - $12.95

  •  Herring in Cream (2 fillets prepared with pickled onion, in a cream sauce) - $12.95 

  • Atlantic Smoked Salmon 6oz - $13.95  

  •  Norwegian Smoked Salmon 6oz - $14.95 

  • Alaskan Smoked Salmon 6oz - $19.95 

  • Smoked Trout ½ pound - $13.95 

  • Smoked White Fish - Whole -$ 29.95 

  • Hot Smoked Tuna 6oz - $12.95 

  • Homemade Smoked White fish salad ½ pound - $15.95  

  •  Homemade Smoked tuna salad 1 ½ pound - $14.95  

  • Homemade smoked salmon cream cheese ½ pound - $13.50  

  •  Israeli pickles $7.95 

  •  Shivka Peppers $7.95 

  • Challah bread - $12 

  •  Baguette Crostinis (25pc) $7


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